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Wildlife in Lamu struggle following drought

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Lamu transforms into a water paradise for wildlife

Severe drought in Lamu threatens wildlife

Mar. 21, 2017

The prolonged drought in Lamu is threatening the survival of many wild species including hippos, buffalo and lions. Wild animals have been forced to drink saline water from the Indian Ocean as natural watering holes rapidly dry out.

Buffalo in particular are so weak from lack of food that many have got stuck in the mud and the Lamu Conservation Trust team are pulling an average of between 15 and 20 buffalo out of the mud every day.

In an attempt to save the many wild animals suffering from the effects of the drought, the Lamu Conservation Trust team are working around the clock to bring relief to those affected. The team have tractors and multiple vehicles pumping and filling over 60 water troughs.

In addition, the team have drilled 2 bore holes which are pumping 8 hours a day filling water holes for hippos and all wildlife.

As animals are forced to gather around scarce waterholes, the Lamu Anti-Poaching Teams are increasing their patrols as the threat of poaching persists across Lamu. Human wildlife conflict is also becoming more apparent in the region as animals encroach on community lands in search of food and water.