Conserving Lamu’s ancient cultures, and magnificent wildlife and marine ecologies…

“The Lamu area is the priceless heritage of how Africa was before being despoiled by human greed and how it should remain for posterity. Its magnificence as a wildlife spectacle is unmatched, its cultural heritage is a historical treasure trove and its marine life is magical and stunning. I am so proud that the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been able to play a significant role in helping the local people to preserve and safeguard this irreplaceable and precious natural jewel.” Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick

About Us

The Lamu Conservation Trust has been established by the leaders of the local Lamu community with support from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Our Mission

The mission of the LCT is to conserve the indigenous cultures, wildlife and marine ecologies of the greater Lamu Eco-region, encompassing conservation strategies and cultural practices, providing security for the benefit of the local communities and for future generations.