Our Team

Omar Twalib Mzee

As one of the founding trustees of the Lamu Conservation Trust, Omar is also the Project Manager of LCT and Amu Ranch

Mwalimu Baadi

Mohamed Ali, known as Mwalimu Baadi, was the Amu Ranch Manager. A Lamu historian and expert in the region's culture and heritage, he sadly passed away on 7th December 2018. Forever a member of the LCT Team.

Arafat Wa'Qat

Arafat is the Security In Charge of the Kenya Police Reservist Team on Amu Ranch working for the LCT

Bwana Mkuu

Bwana Mkuu is the Field Supervisor on Amu Ranch, overseeing ground operations

Seif Salim

Seif is the head driver of the LCT’s vehicle unit


Wamathai supervises all logistics and digital projects in the field

Abdul Said

Abdul patrols Amu Ranch as part of the LCT’s Anti-Poaching Unit

Peter Njuguna

Peter is one of the Kenya Police Reservists who works full-time alongside the Amu Ranch rangers

Arfun Ali Muhamed

Arfun is one of the Lamu Conservation Trust’s watchmen

Andrew Mtemi

Andrew patrols Amu Ranch daily combating illegal activities and protecting the environment

Nicholas Msomba

Nicholas is one of the LCT’s Kenya Police Reservists

Omar Mohamed

Omar is a ranger on Amu’s anti-poaching unit, patrolling the environment to combat illegal activities

Ali Mohammed Hirizi

Ali is a security and anti-poaching ranger on Amu Ranch

Khalid Mohamed

Khalid works as part of the ranger team and anti-poaching unit on Amu Ranch

Ali Mjahid

Ali is one of the LCT’s dedicated KPR ranger’s working with the anti-poaching unit in Amu Ranch

Yusuf Masoud

Yusuf is the Lamu Conservation Trust’s head driver at Amu Ranch

John Masha

John is a trained and armed Kenya Police Reservist employed by the LCT to work as part of the Anti-Poaching and Security Unit

Salim Kenga

Salim is a Kenya Police Reservist on Amu Ranch

Mohamed Bocha

Mohamed is one of Amu Ranch’s dedicated rangers, working as part of the LCT Anti-Poaching Unit

Ali Bashungu

Ali is an expert in natural bush lore and part of Amu Ranch’s maintenance team

Mohamed Bakari

Mohamed is one of Amu Ranch’s rangers whilst also managing the storerooms.

Mohamed Ali

Mohamed patrols daily as part of Amu Ranch’s anti-poaching team

Halima Rashid Masoud

Halima manages the LCT office in Mukunumbi and is in charge of all of the Trust’s field administration

Mohamed Abdala

Mohamed is a member of Amu Ranch’s anti-poaching and security team

Abdulrahman Said

Abdulrahman works as part of the maintenance team

Mohamed Mzee

Mohamed is a general laborer on Amu Ranch’s maintenance team

Lukman Mzee

Lukman works as part of the maintenance team as a general laborer

Richard Mwaniki

Richard works as a 'fundi’ on the LCT’s maintenance team

Sultan Mohamed

Sultan is a genreal laborer on Amu Ranch

Ali Mbarak

Ali works as a general laborer as part of Amu Ranch’s handson maintenance and construction team

Mzee Irei

Mzee Irie works on the maintenance team

Bwana Mohamed Ali

Mohamed is a general laborer for the LCT on Amu Ranch

Badi Abbas

Badi is a general laborer for the Lamu Conservation Trust