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Incident on Amu Ranch

Jul. 11, 2014

We are saddened and shocked to report that there has been an attack on the new Milihoi Camp on Amu Ranch in Lamu. The Milihoi outpost has been operating successfully and has contributed tremendously in extending protection over Amu Ranch which is a vital wildlife habitat, yet on the evening of the 7th July 2014 the camp was calculatedly burnt down.

This attack comes during a period of unrest within Lamu District, which in recent weeks has peaked with attacks in the Mpeketoni area on Lamu mainland as well as in the areas of Hindi and Gamba.

At 11pm on the 7th July the Milihoi outpost was burnt down by an unknown group. Fortunately the LCT community rangers stationed at the camp were able to evade any conflict. All the structures and tents within the camp were set alight along with the store, kitchen and washing facilities, whilst the camp’s four-wheel drive patrol vehicle was also burnt.

The motive behind the attack is unclear, but food supplies were stolen whilst the camp was set ablaze. Kenyan security forces are in full action across the region as they strive to stamp out this spate of unrest. The follow-up to the attack is being taken very seriously, spearheaded by top security officials.