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Hippopotamus pod spotted on the Mkumbi River

May. 5, 2016

The recent sighting of a large hippopotamus pod is encouraging for the Lamu Conservation Trust (LCT) and highlights the need to continue protecting this threatened area.

Currently, hippos are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List which means they are likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening their survival and reproduction improve. Each year, hundreds of hippos are killed to minimize the number of human-wildlife conflict incidents across Africa. Although it is well-known that ditches deter hippos from entering human populated areas, hippos continue to be killed. Hippo meat is particularly popular which could lead to the high number of killings each year.

Up against such grave threats, it is crucial the LCT provides suitable protection and conservation measures to ensure the species continues to thrive across Lamu. This is achieved through community engagement and habitat preservation – joint efforts which have proven to work in the past.