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The Lamu Conservation Trust is a community conservation initiative conserving the indigenous cultures, wildlife and marine ecologies of the greater Lamu eco-region.

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11.8 million new trees in one threatened ecosystem. It’s a staggering feat  — particularly in the context of a two-year timeframe. 

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Planting mangroves in Lamu County

Jul. 5, 2020

Lamu Conservation Trust (LCT) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Eden Reforestation Projects in Lamu County, which will not only expand our existing tree-planting efforts, but begin the restoration of severely degraded mangrove forests along the coast.

Farewell to our friend Maalim "Mwalimu" Baadi

Dec. 11, 2018

We have lost a dear friend, colleague and passionate conservationist, in Maalim "Mwalimu" Baadi, who passed away in the evening of Friday 7th December. Mwalimu was one of the founding members of the Lamu Conservation Trust, playing a critical...

Lamu transforms into a water paradise for wildlife

May. 18, 2018

After months of prolonged drought, Amu and beyond is underwater once again, thanks to the long-awaited heavy rains.

Severe drought in Lamu threatens wildlife

Mar. 21, 2017

The prolonged drought in Lamu is threatening the survival of many wild species including hippos, buffalo and lions. Wild animals have been forced to drink saline water from the Indian Ocean as natural watering holes rapidly dry out.

Wildlife in Lamu struggle following drought

Mar. 6, 2017

Across Lamu wild animals are suffering following the drought which has hit the region hard. The lack of available water has led to a surge in human-wildlife conflict as large mammals, including elephants and buffalo, are moving into residential areas in a desperate search for water.

Long awaited rains arrive in Lamu

Jan. 11, 2017

The rich fauna of the Lamu Archipelago has been under threat in recent months due to a prolonged dry spell across much of Kenya. The drought hit the region’s wildlife hard with animals suffering from severe thirst and starvation, but thankfully Lamu’s diverse species are making a come back.

Lamu's Cultural Festival - best yet!

Nov. 14, 2016

Each year, Lamu Conservation Trust (LCT) hosts a pop-up stand to welcome visitors and share news about our projects aimed to preserve local wildlife and their habitats. This year marked the 16th edition of the Lamu Cultural Festival which ran...

Hippopotamus pod search for water in drying waterhole

Sep. 19, 2016

Our teams recently spotted 40 hippos in search for water in a drying waterhole near the Witu livestock camp. Over time we have seen this once lush area struggle in the face of severe drought, human encroachment and overgrazing.